Advantages of Using a Rep Firm:

Lower Direct and Indirect Costs – Tap on the link below for a table showing the costs of a sales staff compared to using a rep firm.

Lower Administrative and Management costs
A sales staff can be a drain on vital company resources in ways that are difficult to measure, using a rep firm eliminates these costs as well as training and staff turnover costs.

Simplified Planning and Budgeting – With fixed commissions on sales as the only cost associated with sales, it is much easier to predict overall costs.

Motivated Representation – The rep firm and their associates are motivated to work consistently and persistently to grow sales since their success depends on moving products and being effective.

Seasoned, Knowledgeable and Connected – Rep firms have experienced and well trained staff  and there is immediate access to an expanded customer base through the rep firms existing relationships.

Understanding of and experience in the overall industry with knowledge of the local territory adds context and allows reps to discover new opportunities that a sales staff may overlook.

Marketing Flexibility – Using a rep firm allows manufacturers to quickly launch marketing initiatives and in many cases reps can increase volume by developing customers in new channels that would be costly to reach.

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Sales Staff vs Representative Firm

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